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 WRAW Serving the Community…


  • WRAW presented two $500.00 scholarships to Paine College students
  • WRAW donated funds to buy computer for local college for COVID 19 crisis
  • WRAW gave book bags to elementary students in the CSRA
  • WRAW participated in Read Across America in local elementary schools


  • WRAW donated funds to local church girls’ group—Royal Bees—to aid them in participating in community projects
  • WRAW donated lunches to parents and patients at the Ronald McDonald House
  • WRAW provided lunches for seniors
  • WRAW donated items to local nursing homes
  • WRAW volunteered services in Lydia project—helping make blankets for cancer patients
  • WRAW donated funds to the Lydia project
  • WRAW donated items to the local Salvation Army
  • WRAW donated food and blankets for the homeless shelter


  • WRAW showed support to African American men across the country by sending out letters of support in the racial war on Black Lives Matter
  • WRAW communicates with seniors who have been adopted by the club by sending cards and others expressions of support on an ongoing basis
  • WRAW visits churches in the CSRA